May we help you?

We have observed and served enough businesses and individuals to determine that everyone is fighting a battle of some kind or failing to realize their full potential.  We would be pleased to help you win your battles and achieve your potential.


To provide quality professional services and to help EACH client, succeed in their personal and business endeavors.


Experience and knowledge to provide the following professional services have been developed and enhanced by conducting hundreds of workshops throughout the USA as well as being an ad hoc faculty member of the University Of Wisconsin School Of Business.  TEAM Member Daniel Coulon, CPA owned his own firm in Illinois for 15 years.  He also has extensive experience in distribution, multi-location franchises, QuickBooks, and payroll, which are a few of the business and accounting functions on which he can assist.  He is also an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Advisor.

Examples of consulting services we have provided:

•    Consulted on day-to-day business and management issues
•    Designed cost accounting systems and prepared cost analyses
•    Established and implemented accounting systems and trained employees
•    Evaluated and implemented internal controls
•    Advised on cash management methods and designed cash management systems
•    Helped secure financing for clients
•    Assisted buyers and sellers of businesses
•    Developed and implemented succession plans
•    Developed and implemented company policies and procedures
•    Designed and implemented profit improvement programs
•    Helped owners and management achieve their business and financial goals
•    Served on boards of directors

Availability at SMITH CPA, LLC is virtually 24/7.  This accessibility has been critical in a number of client situations.  For instance, death-bed decisions and last-minute (before death) estate planning.  Yes, we do house calls when necessary to serve the needs of our clients.

No matter what your needs, whether it is a Tax Preparer or Certified Public Accountant, we are ready to help with your Individual, Partnership, Corporation, Fiduciary and Non-Profit tax returns.  We also provide Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll and Payroll Tax Services and for those unfortunate enough to have to deal with the IRS or State, on current or prior year taxes, we can help with the filing of prior year returns as well as representing you to help resolve past tax issues.

To join our list of satisfied clients, please call us at (608) 356-7474.
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